Reliable, high-speed wireless and internet access for your next big event.

High-speed, dedicated internet and Wifi for your next Event

Here's a peek at how our event-class wireless coverage works


  1. Introduction
  2. Who do we serve?
  3. Why can’t I just use the internet at the venue?
  4. Our Method
  5. Our Process


As the reliance on mobile technology continues to grow, solid wifi coverage at a large-scale event is no longer a nice “perk” to offer customers– it’s an expected service. Stephouse Networks provides high-speed, dedicated internet access and high-performance wireless equipment to serve all kinds of events around the Northwest (and beyond!).

Who do we serve?

Our typical clientele includes:

  • Technical Conferences
  • Sales and Marketing Off-Site Meetings
  • Video Streaming of Live Events
  • Concerts and Festivals

We’ve had the proud honor of providing killer wifi coverage for events like XOXO, Open Source Bridge, TEDxPDX, PIE PDX, Delight, and many other happy clients.

Here are a few of our happy clients.

Our clients seek us out because:

  • They want their audiences to have a reliable connection to their social networks to generate buzz about the event.
  • They want to provide a solid, uninterrupted internet connection so everyone can do great work during the event.
  • They want to accomplish marketing and social media campaigns that involve delivering rich streaming media.

Why can’t I just use the internet at the venue?

You definitely can do that. Many venues out there now offer their own high-speed internet connections and wireless networks for customer use.

However, there are venues with systems that aren’t powerful enough for events that require large amounts of bandwidth and widespread coverage for hundreds of people. Sometimes these venues set up networks to provide internet access to both event clients and the general public.

Sharing is usually caring, but imagine being at a public cafe and sharing the public wireless internet. Sometimes it’s great. Sometimes there are too many people on the network, like on a weekend for instance, and surfing the web slows to a crawl.

You don’t want this to happen with your event do you? Especially an event that relies on internet access, like a live streaming demo or video conference from overseas.

That’s where we can help. Stephouse Networks works with a variety of venues in the Northwest to augment and provide enhanced, dedicated internet access and wireless coverage for larger conferences or events that require large amounts of bandwidth.

We plan proper wireless coverage and internet access for your staff, presenters, and attendees, deploy these networks meeting the rules and regulations of your venue, manage and monitor the event from our headquarters, and then efficiently take down the equipment after the event.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Some venues will allow you to set up your own internet access, as long as you know how to plan, set up, deploy, and take down all of that networking equipment within the rules and requirements of the venue.

For smaller events, setting up some garden-variety networking equipment is more than enough. For larger events, these simple setups won’t do.

Stephouse Networks deploys unique and adaptive wireless systems for event Wi-Fi coverage that scales easily to any sized event, from a small group of users to thousands of attendees. We utilize the latest wireless technology to maximize quality and speed of every connection to our network.

Stephouse Networks creates custom wireless setups to meet the needs of your event.

All of our custom high-speed event-class wireless setups include any of the following:

  • Radio Frequency (RF) and wireless planning
  • Venue walkthrough
  • Complete equipment setup
  • Thorough event network monitoring and maintenance
  • Complete equipment teardown
  • Quality technical support from our Network Operations Center

Our Method

Stephouse Networks is a Wireless Internet Service Provider, which means that we deploy service from our towers to your location via a wireless link. This is different from a traditional wired-type of internet service, like cable, DSL, or dial-up. Wireless systems can get to many different locations without the need to run cable or phone wires.

Stephouse Networks is a WISP and provides internet access via wireless link.

Our wireless networking systems use the latest in enterprise-class, campus wireless technology and are provider-neutral. If you prefer to use bandwidth that’s at the venue along with our wireless gear and know-how, we can work with that. If you want just a bandwidth boost to your location, we can work with that also.

However, our research and 11-year history shows that people love the fact that they can get reliable, high-speed wireless networking along with private internet access that’s separate from crowded, public venue internet.

Don’t other ISPs do this?

Other ISPs might try, but not without a huge price tag for a temporary service. It’s much more expensive with considerably more complication for a wired ISP to run cabling and set up network gear in the manner that we do. For instance, the local big-brand cable company isn’t going to want to run a temporary, custom internet circuit at an indoor or outdoor event for a customer without charging a considerable amount of money for it.

Our clients enjoy the flexibility and nimble wireless and internet access infrastructure that Stephouse Networks can provide, indoor or outdoor, even at short notice. We pride ourselves on getting to know your particular challenge and identifying the best method of providing custom wireless coverage for your event. Our wireless network deployments are simple, non-intrusive to your event, while complying to the rules of your venue.

Our Process

Our process for event Wi-Fi is straightforward and simple. Ideally, we require at least 30 days in advance to properly plan and prepare custom broadband delivery and wireless networking for our clients. But, we recognize that business is unpredictable at times and welcome shorter-term planning and clients who need some nimble help to connect their event to the internet.

Here are the typical steps towards planning and setting up high-speed, high-performance Event wifi at your next big event:

  • Service Questionnaire: Email or call so we can get to know your needs and conduct our quick service questionnaire. This allows us to quickly identify what type of service you need and where you require it for your next big event. If your event requires our high-speed, dedicated broadband, we’ll want to gather location information and conduct a walkthrough as soon as possible.
  • Venue Walkthrough: Let’s get together at your event venue to precisely plan your event’s wireless coverage. This step allows us to hone in on an accurate estimate for the project.
  • Locking in Service Dates: After agreeing on pricing and signing documentation, we’ll lock your event date into our calendar. Our expert crew will efficiently set up a timeline to install, run, manage, and tear down the event wireless equipment to comply with your venue rules and requirements.
  • The Big Day(s): We’ll make sure that your internet and wireless access is ready to go, well-ahead of your event starting point. We monitor the event from our Downtown Portland network operations center for the duration of the event to ensure that the optimum conditions for internet and wireless access is constantly being met.

We take great pride in our flexibility and experience in producing stellar event Wi-Fi. Our mission is to give you that unmatched feeling of throwing that incredible event for your various communities.

Learn More: Check out the Stephouse Networks Blog or our “How It Works” Features for more information on high-speed internet for home, business, and events, as well as tips and tricks on how to improve your wireless coverage or internet experience.

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